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Elevate Your Manifesting Journey with Elle's Homeware Manifest Collection

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Our Manifest Collection helps you raise your vibe for mindfulness & intentional manifesting.

We are thrilled to introduce our Manifest Collection, a series of candles created specifically to help you shift your vibe. These manifesting candles are carefully handcrafted to support intentional manifesting and cater to your needs and intentions.

What is a Manifesting Candle and what’s in it?

Elle’s Homeware Collective created these manifesting candles to enhance meditation and manifesting journey using scents. We’ve mixed unique oil blends into our eco-soy wax, designed to lift your mood, cultivate optimism, and create positive changes in your life. Whether you seek financial stability, deeper connections, emotional balance, or energetic grounding, our candles are here to enhance your manifesting journey.

What makes our candles different from others?

What sets our manifesting candles apart is our commitment to curating the vibe and of the space in which you light these candles. We’re not just focused on making the candles smell nice, but also crafting the ambience around you. It’s almost like we’re there, helping you fine-tune the vibe in your space intentionally, to enhance your mindfulness experience.

Each scent in our Manifest Collection is thoughtfully hand-picked, featuring a blend of essential oils carefully selected to replicate the authentic aromas found in nature. We believe that the power of scent goes beyond mere fragrance—it has the ability to deeply connect with our senses and evoke emotions. But that's not all. Our candles are not just about delightful scents; they are designed to put you in the vibe that will help magnetise your manifestations into your life. Each blend is purposefully crafted to align with specific intentions, nurturing a harmonious connection between scent and manifestation.

With our manifesting candles, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature's aromas while harnessing their transformative power to realise your desires. Let's take a closer look at the intricacies of our manifesting candle collection!

I smell money

Pine Needle with Hints of Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, and Bergamot.

This blend is formulated to manifest financial stability, wealth, and opportunities for monetary growth. The aromatic essence of pine needle, combined with eucalyptus, cedarwood, and bergamot, creates a harmonious scent that aligns with abundance and attracts prosperous circumstances.

Zero gravity

Toasted Marshmallow with Hints of Vanilla and Sandalwood

Ignite the power of deeper connections and affection in personal and romantic interactions with this enchanting blend.

The delightful notes of toasted marshmallow, vanilla, and sandalwood evoke warmth and intimacy, nurturing relationships and fostering a sense of closeness.

It's already mine

Lavender with Hints of Geranium, Cedarwood, and Lemon:

Embrace a positive and balanced emotional state that supports the flow of abundance by releasing limiting beliefs.

This blend of scents create a soothing and uplifting blend that encourages relaxation, harmony, and a receptive mindset.

Highest frequency

Eucalyptus with Hints of Lavender, Vetiver, and Bergamot

Ground yourself and elevate your energy to align with a higher frequency with this revitalizing blend.

Eucalyptus, alongside lavender, vetiver, and bergamot, promotes energetic stability, cleansing, and upliftment, creating an environment conducive to manifestation and spiritual growth.

At Elle's Homeware Collective, we believe that intentional manifesting and self-improvement go hand in hand. Our Manifesting Candle Series is crafted with utmost care, incorporating unique scent combinations that not only indulge the senses but also align with your personal growth journey. Each candle serves as a gentle reminder to prioritize mindfulness, relieve stress, and open yourself to positive changes.

Take a moment to explore our Manifest Collection and choose the blend that resonates with your intentions and aspirations. Illuminate your space, set your intentions, and allow magic to flow into your life, freely.

Shop yours now!

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